No tobacco

September 23, 2007 at 2:46 pm (Blogroll) is a website for teenagers. Parents can buy some DVD about effects of tobacco such as “A talk with your kids about smoking”, “The truth about tobacco”.. Actually teenagers smoke more and more yougers!! It is important to quit them.

This website was founded by the Foundation for a Smokefree America. This foundation was found in 1989 by Patrick Reynolds, it was a big success… each year Mrs Reynolds realizes lots of talks in universities, high and middle schools, about deseases from smoking because “Smoking Kills”!!

Mrs Reynolds was partly motivated by the deaths of his father and other family members from tobacco use. Another his grandfather was a founder of a tobacco compay. So, Mrs Reynolds wants to help people wake up to how addictive and poisonous cigarettes are.

In this web site there are lots of links : campaign for tobacco-free kids.. In you can find easily tobacco news database or international news.

The best : there are lots of fun image about anti tobacco ……

      This image is Joe, a famous character cartoon.. and it’s a camel… As we can see in english course, this picture can promote brand cigarette but here advocate a somkefree America.


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