Protect your skin and your teeth!

November 13, 2007 at 4:39 pm (Uncategorized)


            “Do not smoke makes sexy!”it is the slogan of the print ad of Deutsche Herzstiftung. I don’t really know what is it but it’s the message of this ad that I find interesting. In fact smoking spoils your health but spoil too your skin, such as show you it the difference between the tow apples: one red and shiny the other one is crease-marks all over its face and brown.


             Smoking spoils your teeth too. This is a good print ad: you can see that the toothbrush is made up of 32 cigarettes as the number of teeth for an adult, and the toothpaste is ash of cigarettes. This ad wants to show we that smoking can damage your teeth.  

It’s the same idea with this ad for Colgate and we can see that teeth are represented by the filters of cigarettes.  To avoid stains of tobacco on your teeth and to have a brilliant smile you have to use Colgate.


 To avoid THIS (teeth turned yellow by smoking):  just stop smoking!!!




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